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The Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) from Proyecto Mirador are certified by Gold Standard, and the project has reduced 3 million mtCO2e after 13 successful verifications and field visits

Gold Standard is the most recognized global organization for certifying carbon reduction projects for the Voluntary Market.

It only registers projects that have demonstrated greenhouse gas emission reductions in a way that contributes to the country's sustainable environmental, economic, and humanitarian development.

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To view our Gold Standard documentation, please visit here.


Work methodology.

We work based on a co-investment model.

We work based on a co-investment model. Our cost-sharing arrangement is part of Mirador's philosophy of "No Cuesta, No Cuida," which asserts that beneficiaries will better care for their stove if they contribute their own time or resources to its construction.

Proyecto Mirador partners with community organizations, mayors and beneficiaries to ensure that all parties contribute to the implementation of the project. The active participation of the actors in the process ensures the adequate management of resources, thus strengthening our mutual commitment to the social and environmental development of the regions involved. This represents a comprehensive and supportive approach to promote access to clean and sustainable technology and affect positive change in the beneficiary communities.

We work directly with the beneficiary to make sure they meet the necessary requirements for our organization to build the stove, including the commitment to contribute local materials to the construction of the stove. In situations where beneficiaries face difficulties in accessing local resources, partnerships with community leaders become an essential lifeline.

We work on the basis of a cooperation agreement through which the mayor's office, organization, or both, provide support directly to the beneficiary in the acquisition of the corresponding local materials — usually brick, cement, mooring wire, rod, sand — and/or logistical support.

  • Proyecto Mirador

    • Plancha
    • Chimney
    • Rocket combustion
    • Grate (“parrilla”)
    • CINCO (cleaning tool)
    • Use and Maintenance Brochure
    • Identification plate
  • Beneficiary

    • Bricks
    • Bag of cement
    • Lashing wire
    • Rebar
    • Sand
    • Adobe
    • Wood ash
    • Empty milk can
*No cash changes hands. Our organization does not receive money from the beneficiaries, nor from mayors or cooperating organizations.*

Our motto is “No Cuesta, No Cuida.”



A solicitation must be sent to our organization, either physically or digitally, by a stakeholder in each community (community leaders, mayors, organizations, etc.) including the number of people who want to replace their traditional stove.

*In order to take the project to a community, there must be between 50-100 potential beneficiaries*

Inspection and talk

With this list, the Inspector (direct employee of Proyecto Mirador) makes house-to-house visits explaining the benefits of the Dos por Tres and publicizing the program, in addition to evaluating if the person meets the requirements of our organization. If they do, the inspector fills out a form with the general information of the beneficiary and determines a suitable place in the home to place the stove. 


Once the inspection is approved, the technician carries out the construction of the stove and gives a talk explaining the use and maintenance of the stove. At this time the Inspector collects a GPS point that the Technicians later uses to locate the home.

Monitoring and quality control

After construction, 3 supervisory visits are made to ensure that the beneficiary is using the stove correctly, as well as receive feedback on stove use and maintenance. If there is a problem, the Supervisor either resolves it onsite or logs a case for further follow up.

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