A carbon offset project building healthy, fuel efficient cookstoves in Honduras

One stove is equal to 6 years of smoke-free cooking.

One stove saves our planet 15 tonnes of carbon pollution

A carbon offset project building healthy, fuel efficient cookstoves in Honduras

Our carbon offset project builds clean cookstoves that improve the health and environment for Honduras rural poor by:

Spending 4-6 hours a week gathering firewood is a drag. Our Dos por Tres stove cuts the time in half.

Users don’t “buy a stove” but co-invest in their stove by supplying local materials. Here’s why we have a no cash model and engineered the stove to last.

We all emit carbon pollution into the atmosphere every day. Installing an Improved Stove like ours reduces CO2 emissions.

Our stove is built from scratch from local materials; we support construction companies, brick makers and steel workers among others.

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Why Choose Mirador?


Nearly 300,000 stoves built, but many rural families still need them. Mirador began work in 2004 with 3 employees. We now have 220 direct and indirect employees.


Honduras and U.S. combined professional business and on-the-ground experience.


Every technician has a smart phone and we collect household data on every stove. We know where our stoves are and who is using them.

Highest Quality

Our Latin American carbon credits are certified annually by the Gold Standard. Certification is a complicated, scientific, multi-step process.

Fights Poverty and Violence

Honduras is one of the poorest, most dangerous countries in the world. In the rural areas, poverty is extreme.