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The Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) from Proyecto Mirador are certified by Gold Standard, and the project has reduced 3 million mtCO2e after 13 successful verifications and field visits

Gold Standard is the most recognized global organization for certifying carbon reduction projects for the Voluntary Market.

It only registers projects that have demonstrated greenhouse gas emission reductions in a way that contributes to the country's sustainable environmental, economic, and humanitarian development.

To purchase any volume of credits, please contact us.

To view our Gold Standard documentation, please visit here.


Founders of Proyecto Mirador


Dee Lawrence

Dee Lawrence began her career working in advertising and marketing for Wells Rich Green, Ogilvy & Mather and Young & Rubicam as well as S.C. Johnson and Apple Computer. She is now co-founder and director of Proyecto Mirador; the High Tide Foundation, whose mission is to mitigate climate change in all its forms; and Cool Effect, that promotes carbon credit projects that verifiably reduce carbon emissions. Cool Effect has mobilized more than $29 million dollars in payments for carbon credits from the global south. Proyecto Mirador has built over 300,000 fuel-efficient stoves in rural communities across Honduras and Guatemala and has reduced more than 2.5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Dee is a board member of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market.

Emilia Girón de Mendoza

Doña Emilia Mendoza is Co-Founder of Proyecto Mirador and has served as Executive Director since 2004. Her journey began with her assistance to the OCHO (Organization for Community Health Outreach) medical brigade that connected to Honduras through the Episcopal Church led by her husband, Padre Jose Luis Mendoza. Doña Emilia coordinated, food, meals, emergencies, staff and volunteers and managed all the complicated logistical aspects of the brigade. Highly regarded for her resourcefulness, ethics, commitment, and service to others, she showed all the signs of a natural leader.

Richard H. Lawrence Jr.

Through his volunteer work as a translator for the OCHO medical brigade in Honduras, Richard first saw the prevalence of respiratory illnesses in the clinic and through familiarity with the area, came to understand the cause for the problems. To address the need, Richard co-founded Proyecto Mirador in 2004 along with his wife, Dee, and Mirador’s Executive Director, Doña Emilia Mendoza. Richard is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Overlook Investment Group, an independent fund management company founded in Hong Kong in 1991. In addition to Proyecto Mirador, Richard is co-founder and director of several non-profit organizations with a particular focus on climate change mitigation. These include High Tide Foundation, a philanthropic foundation that tackles the issue from multiple perspectives, and Carbon Mapper, which develops satellite technology to pinpoint and track point source methane emissions. Richard is also a co-founder and director of Cool Effect, a non-profit platform for high-quality carbon credits, and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Audubon Society, where he chairs the Climate Initiative. He is the author of Carbon Done Correctly, released in January 2024, and The Model: 37 Years Investing in Asian Equities, released in 2021.


Ejecutores are independent microentrepreneurs hired by Proyecto Mirador. Each Ejecutor has their own team composed of an Inspector, Assistant and Technicians in charge of the construction of Dos por Tres stoves in the field. The Ejecutores are trained under Mirador’s regimes and their actions are governed by the provisions and requirements of the Executive and Operational Management of the organization.
Supervisors are direct employees of the organization, responsible for evaluating and monitoring, through surveys and the use of technology, the work carried out by Proyecto Mirador in the communities we serve. They make three visits to the beneficiaries after the construction of the Dos por Tres, evaluating key aspects of adaptability and construction and reinforcing training on use and maintenance.
Area Coordinators
Area Coordinators are in charge of managing requests for construction and distribution of materials to build Dos Por Tres stoves, as well as relationships with municipalities, organizations and community leaders. They are also in charge of leading the construction teams (technicians) assigned to a given area.
Technicians are responsible for the construction of Dos por Tres stoves. Our Technicians must undergo a training and evaluation process to validate the quality of their work, thus ensuring compliance with our high construction standards.

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