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The Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) from Proyecto Mirador are certified by Gold Standard, and the project has reduced 3 million mtCO2e after 13 successful verifications and field visits

Gold Standard is the most recognized global organization for certifying carbon reduction projects for the Voluntary Market.

It only registers projects that have demonstrated greenhouse gas emission reductions in a way that contributes to the country's sustainable environmental, economic, and humanitarian development.

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After Hurricane Mitch slammed Honduras, a medical brigade, organized by the Redeemer Church of Baltimore and Father Jose Luis Mendoza of Honduras arrived in Santa Barbara. From Santa Barbara the group moved to Atima where they established a 7 day medical clinic to see anyone who needed help.

Richard Lawrence (translators) and his daughter Skye were early translators for the brigade. Both noticed the  prevalence of respiratory issues among women and children but it wasn’t until a visit to a local home that the reasons were clear.  The problems were related to the use of traditional, unventilated, wood burning stoves that gave off toxic smoke and soot.

The Lawrence collected donations to disseminate improved stoves, but the project needed a leader. Doña Emilia Girón de Mendoza was chosen as director for her resourceful, wise and capable leadership. The project was given the name "Fundación Mirador", and built 29 improved stoves in the community of Atima, Santa Barbara. These stoves and this project would change the lives of thousands of families in Honduras!

    2004 - 2005

    • Beltran of the organizatoin ADHESA (name in Spanish here) visited the to help us learn how to build stoves.
    • Doña Emilia visited La Lima, Atima, Santa Barbara, for the construction of more stoves.
    • Don Santos and Don Chepe were hired as the first Proeycto Mirador technicians and built the first stoves in Atima, Santa Barbara.
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      2006 - 2007

      • Professor Elder Mendoza joined the organization as Director of Operations.
      • We created the first Use and Maintenance Brochure to help beneficiaries ensure proper maintenance of the stoves.
      • Sarah Bushey and Caroline Howe of Yale University conducted the first Kitchen Performance Test (KPT) field study to prove the wood savings of the Dos por Tres stove.
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        • Through a contest in the school of La Vega, San Francisco de Ojuera, Reina Mejía suggested the name "Dos por Tres" to Proyecto Mirador’s new stove model.
        • Representatives of the Gold Standard and SGS, a global audit firm, visited Proyecto Mirador. The Gold Standard certification process of our Dos por Tres stoves began.
        • The maintenance tool of the Dos por Tres stove: “El Cinco” was created.
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          • Sale of the first group of carbon credits to Tchibo, a German company.
          • Doña Emilia and Professor Elder attended the 5th biennial Forum of the Association for Clean Indoor Air in Lima, Peru, receiving recognition for the exceptional work of the organization.
          • The Ambassador of the United States of America in Honduras, Hugo Llorens, awarded Proyecto Mirador the Renewable Energy Award.
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            • Construction of the Girón Building, headquarters of the offices in Honduras.
            • Representatives of a major US corporation, buyers of Proyecto Mirador’s carbon credits, visited Proyecto Mirador’s headquarters.
            • Mirador started the Department of Supervisors, in charge of monitoring and tracking the stoves.
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              • Mirador's PoA (Programme of Activities) was officially registered by the Gold Standard allowing the construction of stoves in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and southern Mexico.
              • Stove number 100,000 was built in the community of San Bartolo, La Unión, Lempira for Mrs. María Clementina Perdomo.
              • Juan Bendeck transmitted a report to Proyecto Mirador in his program "En Honor a la Verdad" of TeleProgreso.
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                • Implementation of the first stove construction program outside the country. 50 Dos por Tres stoves were installed in the Cookscumb, a protected area in Belize, in partnership with the National Audubon Society.
                • A Health Impact Study (ADALYs) was conducted by Climate Solutions to measure exposure to indoor air pollution with the Dos por Tres cookstove vs. traditional stoves.
                • A Training and Practice Area was implemented in order to improve the training and evaluation process for our Technicians.
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                  • We achieved the reduction of 1 million tonnes of CO2e certified under the Gold Standard.
                  • The organization was integrated into the project portfolio of Cool Effect, an online platform that gives people and companies the opportunity to reduce their carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits from certified projects around the world.
                  • The first Dos por Tres stoves were built in the community of La Reforma, municipality of Huité, department of Zacapa, Guatemala.
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                    • Mirador halted construction temporarily in order to provide humanitarian aid during hurricanes Eta & Iota, benefiting +300 families.
                    • Our 200,000th stove was built in the community of Taragual, La Iguala, Lempira for Mrs. Alby Bertana Villanueva.
                    • First implementation of artificial intelligence for stove monitoring through Salesforce Einstein.
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                      • Celebration of the construction of +270,000 Dos por Tres stoves.
                      • Visit to Aprovecho Research Center in the U.S. to study and implement improvements to the Dos por Tres.
                      • Reached the milestone of +3 million tonnes of CO2e reduced.

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