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The Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) from Proyecto Mirador are certified by Gold Standard, and the project has reduced 3 million mtCO2e after 13 successful verifications and field visits

Gold Standard is the most recognized global organization for certifying carbon reduction projects for the Voluntary Market.

It only registers projects that have demonstrated greenhouse gas emission reductions in a way that contributes to the country's sustainable environmental, economic, and humanitarian development.

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To view our Gold Standard documentation, please visit here.


  • <span style=color:#f29f42;> RESPONSIBILITY AND COMMITMENT  </span>cTO OUR BENEFICIARIES.


For Proyecto Mirador, monitoring and follow-up are the key to successful stove installation.


Mirador’s Department of Supervision is responsible for ensuring the optimal functioning and effectiveness of the Dos por Tres stove.

Through three visits we guarantee compliance with quality standards in the design, installation and use of stoves. In addition to a quality check, we collect valuable data for impact evaluation and identify areas for improvement, ensuring that our organization meets its responsibility to care for the health of our beneficiaries and protect the environment in the rural communities where we operate.

Each visit is an opportunity to strengthen our connection with the beneficiary communities. Their testimonies and feedback ensure not only an efficient stove, but also an engine of sustainable transformation in their lives.

What is the field work carried out by Mirador’s Department of Supervision?

  • Monitoring and verification of each Dos por Tres stove built.
  • Data collection and updating.
  • echnical assistance and troubleshooting, as applicable.
  • Training and reinforcement to ensure the correct use and maintenance of the stove.

What is the importance of monitoring and follow-up?

  • The "build and leave" model doesn't work.
  • There are strict requirements and processes that we validate with each visit made.
  • We receive testimonials/opinions from our beneficiaries.
  • Each stove is requires a significant investment from both us and our beneficiaries, so we seek to protect that investment.

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