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The Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) from Proyecto Mirador are certified by Gold Standard, and the project has reduced 3 million mtCO2e after 13 successful verifications and field visits

Gold Standard is the most recognized global organization for certifying carbon reduction projects for the Voluntary Market.

It only registers projects that have demonstrated greenhouse gas emission reductions in a way that contributes to the country's sustainable environmental, economic, and humanitarian development.

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We are proud to maintain successful relationships with our partners

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The Gold Standard was established in 2003 to ensure that projects that reduce carbon emissions present the highest levels of environmental integrity and also contribute to sustainable development. With the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, Gold Standard certification ensures that Mirador maintains a standard of best practices for climate and sustainable development interventions.

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Non-profit organization that focuses on the fight against climate change. Its goal is to help people and companies reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offset remaining emissions through high-quality, verifiable reduction projects, as well as to identify, support and promote emissions reduction projects throughout the world. world.

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Aprovecho is a non-profit organization that specializes in the interactive experimental design of wood stoves through rapid prototyping, thermal and emissions measurements. Aprovecho offers the training, equipment and expertise to help cookstove organizations like Mirador establish high-quality laboratories so that we can continue to test and improve our stove model. .

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SAJOMA Climate Technical Consulting provides support and expert advice for the evaluation, development and certification of emission reduction projects. SAJOMA works closely with Mirador to provide technical solutions and accompaniment throughout the carbon certification and verification lifecycle.
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Salesforce is a leading company in the field of CRM software and cloud services. It provides a comprehensive platform for customer relationship management and offers a wide range of customizable solutions and products for different business areas. Proyecto Mirador has partnered with Salesforce since 2011 to deliver best-in-practice MRV and manage operational workflow.
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Mogli Technologies, a Salesforce Partner since 2011, is the developer of Mogli SMS, a Salesforce native application with end-to-end encryption and advanced features that offer a secure and convenient way to communicate, keeping personal information protected at all times. Mogli is especially proud of the impact its technology has had on an array of nonprofit and mission-driven organizations, such as Mirador.
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Climate Solutions specializes in providing solutions and advice to address challenges related to climate change and sustainability. With a focus on finding innovative and practical strategies, the company works with organizations from various sectors to help them reduce their carbon footprint and promote environmentally responsible business practices.
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SEI is an international environmental research and policy organization dedicated to addressing global sustainability challenges. It works closely with governments, non-governmental organizations and other institutions using an interdisciplinary approach, combining science, economics and policy analysis to better understand environmental and social systems.
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UNAM is dedicated to quality academic training in a wide range of disciplines and is internationally recognized for its excellence and contributions in the field of research. Within UNAM, the Center for Research in Environmental Geography (CIGA) provides the study and analysis of geographical and environmental processes.

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