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The Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) from Proyecto Mirador are certified by Gold Standard, and the project has reduced 3 million mtCO2e after 13 successful verifications and field visits

Gold Standard is the most recognized global organization for certifying carbon reduction projects for the Voluntary Market.

It only registers projects that have demonstrated greenhouse gas emission reductions in a way that contributes to the country's sustainable environmental, economic, and humanitarian development.

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The Dos por Tres stove in Central America


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Proyecto Mirador is a health initiative that came from experience in the OCHO medical clinic. It first replaced smoky, inefficient traditional stoves with the Dos por Tres stove in the community of Atima, in the Department of Santa Bárbara, Honduras, building the first 27 improved stoves (La Justa model) in 2004.

We have distributed +270,000 Dos por Tres stoves in the Departments of:

-Atlántida              -Colón                -Comayagua 

-Copán                 -Cortés               -Choluteca     

-El Paraíso           -F. Morazán        -La Paz           

-Lempira               -Ocotepeque      -Olancho         
-Santa Bárbara     -Valle



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In 2019, strategic visits were made to rural areas to learn about and analyze the culture of Guatemalan cuisines, identifying the need to implement our project. The first 27 stoves were built in the community of Huité, department of Zacapa.

We have distributed +34,000 Dos por Tres stoves in the Departments of: 

-Zacapa                -Chiquimula        -El Progreso

-Baja Verapaz      -Alta Verapaz      -Quiché

-Jutiapa                -Jalapa




In 2016 we carried out the first stove construction program in Belize. installing 50 Dos Por Tres stoves in the Cookscumb Protected Area in partnership with the National Audubon Society.  

In 2017, the first approaches were made to implement the project in Nicaragua. Construction began in 2018 where the first 43 Dos Por Tres stoves where installed in the department of Boaco.

We have +5,000 distributed among the Departments of:
  • Boaco 
  • Estelí   
  • Matagalpa 
  • Madriz 
  • Jinotega
*The organization stopped its operations in the country in 2022.*

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