Stove Benefits

Mirador Stoves Can Reduce Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Each Dos por Tres reduces CO2 emissions by nearly 15 tonness over the 5 year life of the stove.  How does that work?

When the amount of wood burned for cooking is reduced by nearly half, CO2 emissons are reduced by nearly half. Those savings can be scientifically measured, monitored and verified under a methodology used by the Gold Standard to ensure they are real. 

Contact us if you are interested in reducing your carbon emissons by purchasing Gold Standard registered carbon credits or carbon offsets.  Most people and 99% of scientists now accept that the warming of the planet is a result of greenhouse gas emissions (mostly comprised of CO2) from us. The average person in the developed world emits 4-20 tonnes of CO2 each year and every business emits lots of carbon through vehicle use, electricity, air conditioning, heating, waste and travel.  

Of course many of us do what we can by recycling, insulating our homes, using solar or driving a smaller car. These are all important! But the simple fact is that we need to work, travel and care for families and cannot cancel out all our emissions.

Unfortunately if we are to prevent the warming of the earth the allotment of emissions per person is a lot lower than the 4-20 tonnes mentioned above.  The World Resources Institute states:  

In the medium and long term, a world-wide average emission rate of maximum 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per person per year must be targeted. This amount is now considered to be the maximum allowed quantity for sustainable living on earth.

There are many dangers that result from Global Warming.  One is that Developing Countries will be hit hardest by climate change.  In fact, in December, 2015, scientists from the Bonn, German based Germanwatch released their 2016 Global Climate Risk Index showing those nations most affected by the direct consequences of extreme weather events. Honduras, Myanmar and Haiti were most affected by natural weather disasters caused by global warming in the period 1995 to 2014. 

And, according to the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index climate change and the reduction of global warming gases is an important issue for Honduras - it scores high on vulnerability and low on readiness to adapt to climate change.

Reducing emissions and reducing them in Honduras is a good thing! 

Below: A Dos por Tres vs. a traditional stove.

  • Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Complete WBT

    Reduction in GHG emissions for a single use

  • Global Warming Impact, All Emissions

    Reduction in GHG and soot over a 100-year period