Clean cookstove projects, largely financed by #CarbonCredits, are vital for many communities around the world.

#CleanCooking initiatives protect our communities' health, wellbeing, and critical forests. They also build enduring financial security as the reliance on polluting...

— Open Letter: Experts challenge misguided criticism of clean cookstoves funding

Me encanta mi 2x3! Ahora uso cerca de la mitad de la cantidad de leña que use antes, así que pasamos menos tiempo recogiendo leña. Cocino rápidamente, así que no tiene que pasar demasiado tiempo al lado del fuego.

— Señora Pineda, Nuevo Celilac

  I heard about this stove from my relatives.  It has been my dream to own one.

— Señora, Guacamaya

 My family of 5 likes the 2x3 because now that the air s cleaner in my house, the whole house is cleaner and I am happy not to breathe the smoke every time I cook. 

— Señora F., Guacamaya

 There are 9 people in my family.  Getting wood takes us a lot of time each week.  Since having a Dos por Tres, we save time that we can use for other things like work, school, or spending time together.

— Señora G., Macholoa

 I know the air in my home is cleaner because there is less soot and smoke and because my 4 children are not as sick with coughs as they were before.

— Señora E., Nuevo Celilac

 We are a family of 3 and I have to buy my wood.  I am using half the wood I used before and believe I am saving about 80 Lempiras a week—or about $200 a year on wood.  This is a lot of money to my family that I can use for buying food.

— Señora H., Nuevo Celilac

 The air in my house is cleaner because there is less soot and no black smoke on my walls and roof. 

— Señora I., Nuevo Celilac

 There are 4 people in my home.  I know my air is cleaner because I don’t have to paint my walls so frequently to cover the soot marks. 

— Señora Rodriguez, Macholoa