Proyecto Mirador, LLC, a registered non-profit

The talented Doña Emilia Mendoza is Director of Proyecto Mirador, Honduras, and she partners in close association with Professor Elder Mendoza (no relation), Director of Operations.  Together they have overseen the scaled up construction of more than 240,000 stoves since 2004 by Ejecutores of the project, and collectively manage over 220 employees (both direct and indirect).

The construction process begins with the generation of a written solicitation from a group of women, a mayor, or a village leader who have heard about the stove and the program.  Our solicitations require that each family interested in obtaining a stove provide a contact name and government identification number. 

A member of Proyecto Mirador or one of its Ejecutores that will have responsibility for the team that will construct stoves in the area, and the municipality together organize a community meeting to explain to all interested participants the benefits of the stove, the materials each beneificiary must provide, and to set a date for construction of the village.  After the meeting, the list of beneficiaries is solidified, and a house by house plan for implementation is developed. Proyecto Mirador sources the construction materials and the Ejecutor responsible for the village delivers them to the job site and assigns the stove builders on his/her team the homes that will be built each day.

Professor Elder oversees manufacturing of the plancha and chimney, helps improve stove design, manages receipt of solicitations and delegation to the Ejecutores, and develops the build out schedule by village. He manages follow up visits to beneficiaries by PM Supervisors who use technology to monitor the condition of the stove and ensure proper understanding of the necessary maintenance steps.

Proyecto Mirador currently supports 27 full time businesses including Ejecutor construction companies and companies that supply the materials needed to construct the Dos por Tres stove.

A short video on the importance of the use of the parilla given by Prof. Elder Mendoza to a beneficiary.