Proyecto Mirador has scaled up stove construction with help from its Ejecutor partners.

Entrepreneurs manage teams that build stoves on behalf of Proyecto Mirador and use technology to track the installations.

Demand for improved stoves has never flagged and we are besieged by requests from local mayors and women to construct stoves in their towns. We solve this problem of scale by finding local entrepreneurs that we call Ejecutores to help us.

Under our Programa de Ejecutores, (partners) we train third party entrepreneurs in all aspects of Proyecto Mirador’s work including: construction of the 2x3, community organizing and education and training of beneficiaries. The Ejecutores  then receive an allocation of stoves and they are provided with the necessary materials for construction (chimney, plancha, and stove mouth).  They deliver men and materials to the site, complete all the tasks learned in the training, and are then paid for the the work completed.

The Salesforce.com database system has made it easier for Ejecutores to create and monitor stove installations in individual villages.  With a combination of Salesforce.com data and Google Map software, locations of homes can be mapped and needs for materials can be scheduled with the Proyecto Mirador office.

Stove construction by the Ejecutores and technicians is verified and checked by Supervisors from Proyecto Mirador.  They insure that the education and training of stove users is complete and that the stove was well built. 

There are about 800,000 rural homes in Honduras that need an improved stove, and The Programa de Ejecutores is critical to scaling the project.