Highest Quality

Latin American Carbon Offsets issued by the Gold Standard

Proyecto Mirador Verified Emissions Reductions (VERs) are certified by the Gold Standard and the project has reduced 2 million tons of mtCO2e after 12 successful verifications and field visits.

The Gold Standard is the best-recognized global organization for certification of carbon reduction projects for the Voluntary Market.  

It only registers projects that have proven reductions of greenhouse gas emissions in ways that contribute to sustainable environmental, economic, and humanitarian development of the country. 

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Gold Standard representatives along with Earthood, SGS, DNV and other independent third-party verification entities (VVBs), have been evaluating and visiting the project on an annual basis since 2009.

Why Gold Standard?

The Gold Standard Foundation is a Swiss based, non-profit organization providing certification of premium quality carbon credits. The thorough and extensive methodology and approval process of the Gold Standard is designed to certify the highest quality energy efficient, sustainable projects.  

Gold Standard stands for the best that can be achieved in climate and development projects. Compared to other standards, its projects have:
•  Required contribution to sustainable development
•  Required local stakeholder consultation
•  Required environmental and social safeguards
•  Required regular monitoring and evaluation by a third party accredited evaluator

Any project with the Gold Standard label provides increased assurance of quality and viability to their supporters due to GS rigorous governance and transparency.  The Gold Standard reviews every project and decides upon certification directly, while other standards ‘sample check’.  In addition, the GS requires a review by its independent Technical Advisory Committee and requires an open commenting period from its NGO supporter network.

It excludes project types with greater risks and negative impacts (eg, large hydropower projects that can threaten local wildlife).

The Gold Standard quality benchmark is derived from the actions of the Kyoto Protocol and its methodology is currently endorsed by over 80 non-governmental environmental and development organizations worldwide. The backing of this wide variety of supporters boosts the integrity of the Gold Standard and allows its credits to be sold at a premium price.

Therefore, “Gold Standard certified” implies the most rigorous review of VER credits.

Why Certify?

For projects with substantial sustainable and welfare benefits such as Proyecto Mirador, VERs are an effective financial tool. By entering into carbon finance, projects can obtain real, market-based, financial support for their work.