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Help a Cook Receive a Stove

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If you buy a stove, your cook will get an entire Mirador Dos por Tres stove including parts, construction and maintenance. Remember, the cook that receives your stove must contribute materials and labor to complete the job, so he/she is your partner! 

If you buy a stove, we will select a stove family and send you a Stove Certificate that tells you exactly where your money went. The Stove Certificate will include the name of the person who will cook with your stove, the name of the technician who built your stove, the village where your stove is located and its GPS coordinates. Please note:  The certificate will arrive within 2 hours of purchase.

If you choose one of the other options: to buy a plancha, the construction/supervision of a stove or just want to help a cook, these will simply be acknowledged on your receipt of purchase.

A stove is a great gift!  Use the order form at right to provide the name of the gift recipient and their correct email along with your payment details.  You can also add a few words that will appear on the email sent to your recipient. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your purchase and your recipient will receive a certificate for the stove(s) you purchased in their honor. (Please note, the only item we can provide as a gift to a recipient is a complete stove.)   

A Mirador stove is a high impact donation.  
You help prevent global warming, get toxic smoke and particulates out of the home, help prevent forest degradation in poor areas and create employment and small businesses.  The stove gallery shows the kind of families you can help. 

Every penny—100%—of your donation funds stoves for poor families in Honduras; all U.S. costs and admin such as for this website are funded separately.  

Here is how your $60 gets put to work.

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