Stove Benefits

Helping 27 microenterprises grow

Materials for the Dos por Tres stove are all made in local factories so the growth of Proyecto Mirador has resulted in substantial impovement of our Suppliers or Proveedores in income, facilities and jobs.

The materials include the plancha (griddle top), chimney, the parrilla (grate) and ceramics for the stove mouth are all provided to the beneficiary for the construction of their stove.  Under Proyecto Mirador's no cash, cost sharing arrangementbeneficiaries do not purchase these items; rather, they provide other types of materials necessary for construction. 

We have been proud to see how each supplier has found unique ways to improve his or her product to increase the strength and durability of their products and the improvements they have been able to make in their factories. 

Proyecto Mirador closely monitors inventory and works with suppliers to insure an adequate quantity of all the materials for each week's construction.  Many of our Proveedores have been with Proyecto Mirador since 2004 and have steadily increased the supplies needed from 200 stoves a year to more than 2,000 stoves a month. 

Proveedores to Proyecto Mirador are selected for their reliability, consistency and quality of production and price.  The Proveedores are the lifeblood that keeps the cost of Mirador's stoves as low as possible while ensuring they are durable enough to survive 5-7 years of hard, daily use.