For Proyecto Mirador, training and education are the keys to successful stove installations.

After construction of a Dos por Tres stove, the technician explains the maintenance steps to each beneficiary.

Training begins during a community meeting held to inform any interested beneficiaries about the project, the materials they will need for construction and the importance of maintaining their stoves to get the stoves to work at maximum efficiency and to last 6 years.  

Immediately after the stove is built, each stove builder or Técnico is trained to give a Training Charla (talk) to the user to explain the maintenance steps and proper use.  The maintenance tool, called El Cinco (because there are 5 maintenance steps) is demonstrated not once but twice with the beneficiary participating in the process.  

After the demonstration, each family receives a color printed brochure to remind them of the importance of the maintenance steps, how often to do them, and other ways to help them conserve fuel.  About a month later, beneficiaries are revisted to see that they are taking proper care of the stove during our Monitoring phase. Users will be revisited again after 6 months and again after 1 year.

This woman in rural Honduras demonstrates the 5 steps needed to maintain her stove with the El Cinco tool.