Prior to construction and then 3 times after construction, a Supervisor from Proyecto Mirador visits individual homes to ensure that the Dos por Tres stove is being placed correctly and then used and maintained properly.

Supervisors use hand held smartphones to record the data they collect. This data is quickly compiled in the cloud and can be viewed by all participants in the organization in real time.

Supervisory visits reinforce the training for users that takes place immediately after construction. Supervisors record details on maintenance, qualitative data on stove use and any problems encountered by the user.

The system used by Proyecto Mirador was created and is maintained by Mogli SMS and Proyecto Mirador staff. Mogli SMS provides strategy and technology services to the global impact sector. The platform that is the basis for monitoring operations (fundraising to stove maintenance and verification) is scalable and accessible globally, easy and efficient to configure and use, provides access to the cloud within the subscription and provides multi-language functionality. To further enhance its supervisory visit program, Proyecto Mirador has enlisted TaroWorksMogli SMS and Salesforce to gather household data and generate offline field surveys.  TaroWorks and Mogli SMS also automate messages for use by staff and by stove users in the database who recieve helpful educational information and a means of requesting support via text. 

Open source mapping software generates maps that show the exact locations of the households where stoves have been constructed. Thus it is much easier to find homes with Dos por Tres stoves installed for our multiple follow up visits.